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The prices for photography prints depend on medium, size, and several other options. There are too many combinations to list them all, so you will see only example pricing. Use the page " Contact" to send a message about your artwork needs, and I will get back with all the relevant options and pricing.


Gallery-wrapped canvas prints

Canvas prints turn your bare walls into a museum space. They are printed on museum-quality canvas with Epson pigment inks, covered with clear lacquer for UV protection, and wrapped around a wood frame. 

The photo shows two 24"x36" canvas prints installed at a company in Springfield, MO.

For example, the price for a 24"x36" canvas print  would be $400.


Metal prints

Metal prints are a new art medium, in which dyes are infused directly into aluminum sheets, which are then coated with acrylic.. Because the image is infused into the surface rather than on it, the metal print takes on an almost magical luminescence, and has amazing detail and resolution. A metal print makes the viewer say "WOW!!"

The photo shows a 40"x60" metal print installed at  Cadence Design Systems in New Providence, NJ.

For example, the price for a 20"x30" metal print  (unframed) would be $350.

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