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Kinetic art


Time has stopped - installation view

Kinetic art installation

See image below for the video.

Selected for:

  • the exhibit "Miron Abramovici - Art form Junk, Abstract Reflections, and Kinetic Art" at the NJ Visual Arts Center, Summit, NJ, April-June, 2019
  • the exhibit " A Cache of Kinetic Art: Timeless Movements" at the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ, March-August, 2022

Time has stopped - video

Make sure the sound is on.

Music created by Sherban Cira.

Mechanical design and technical assistance: Antonio Osorio

Infinity reflections created with 2-way mirrors.

A specially-designed programmable electronic controller synchronizes the music, the movement of the clocks, and the lights.

SIZE: 30"x30"x30"

PRICE: $12,000

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